If you’ve seen this car in and around the DeKalb-Sycamore-Cortland area, then you’ve witnessed DSATS’s new pilot project to update Google Street View imagery throughout the metropolitan area. While Google does a fantastic job in providing imagery, scheduled updates and the scale of roadways photographed are often unpredictable. Outside of roadways that have never been captured, many are simply outdated.

Using innovative 8K 360-degree camera technology developed by Insta360, staff are now able to collect up-to-date imagery throughout the region. Insta360’s processing software seamlessly uploads captured data to Google for inclusion in the Street View option on Google Maps.

Having updated street views is huge benefit for everyone, from government entities and developers to the general public. Direct benefits for transportation include:

  • Supporting existing conditions inventories;
  • Identification of active transportation infrastructure gaps and potential safety issues;
  • Enhance the region’s prioritization criteria for infrastructure investments;
  • Provide public transportation operators suitable infrastructure visualizations for service planning;
  • Provide data to local agencies to enhance infrastructure maintenance efforts; and
  • Support economic development by providing up-to-date listings and wayfinding resources.

In addition to regularly scheduled updates, access to this equipment allows DSATS to update images as major road construction and other development occurs.

This pilot project ran over the summer of 2021 and leverages Federal and State transportation planning funds. If successful, staff intends to work with other public agencies to deploy this technology throughout Northern Illinois.

Any questions regarding the pilot project should be directed to DSATS at (815) 756-9513 or at dsats@dekalbcounty.org.